Decide what events to track

Once we’ve chosen our goal and KPIs, we need to map the customer journey and the key value moments (Aha moments) of the user. 

The goal in this stage of the campaign preparation is to identify the shortest path to success for the user. What are the key actions every user needs to perform in order to derive value from your app? We recommend that you start with three to five core events. Avoid trying to map every single action in your app.

For SparkApp they are:

  1. A user signs up for SparkApp
  2. Create a project
  3. Create at least 3 tasks
  4. Invite a team member
Pro tip: If you have a complex app with multiple features, run an analysis of your existing paying customers. Use a product analytics tool like Mixpnale and segment your paying customers to find what are the top 3 most performed actions among them. These are your value moments.

Using our proper name convention for events, the 4 events we want to track become:

  • User Signed Up
  • Project Created
  • Three Tasks Created (or “3 Tasks Created”)
  • Team Member Invited

Event properties

Now is also a good time to think about what information you want to collect with each event. 

For the User Signed Up event, we would want to collect all information that is recorded on the signup process, like the user’s name, email, country, and any additional information you ask for, like industry, company name, company size, etc.

The rest of the events will greatly depend on how your tool works and what information you want to collect.

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